Everything is a remix - Class Commentary

Thoughts on the whole:
*is the representation of derivative works a form of flattery, or a setting to build future works off of

Decause's asides:

Part 1: The Song Remains the Same
    Remix: To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new

Part 2: Remix Inc
    74/100 sequels or remakes or adaptations of comic books, videogames, and other media
Part 3: The Elements of Creativity

Part 4: System Failure

3 Steps in Evolution and Social Evolution
Steal the underpants, ????????, Profit

Hegel - Philosopher

"Memes" themselves have represented changing of ideas and the definition of what they mean has changed as well
*Original definition: "Unit of cultural information"

Loss Aversion
62% of Patent Lawsuits are over software Patents, at half-a-trillion dollars! ($500,000,000,000) [http://youtu.be/coGpmA4saEk?t=31m32s]

SFLC FOSS Legal Primer - Class Commentary

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Shake it, FOSS. Shake it like it's GPLv3. Baby.
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*GPLv2 has, hence it's fame and common use. GPLv3 and others developed later are supposed to improve on the concepts, however
*do it as part of a work-for-hire = people paying you own it
*you are not forced to give up your work, but often you have to question it and bring it up yourself
*Free version up to a point, and owned by the company afterward
*If they don't want the patent you can patent it yourself
*Depends on college and company, but some say even if on your own time; they end up owning it
*Several different authors have copyrights on their own aspects of code
*what happens to the language when it is open for public use?
* artificer: a skilled or artistic worker or craftsman (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/artificer)
*it is nice form for people to be able to access and expand upon it

Highlights of the text:
Decause's aside:
A site people might like: https://tldrlegal.com/ (explains licenses in plaing English)